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Posted on: 05/10/2014

Life Hacks - Spring of 2014

Life Hacks - Spring of 2014

We are going through the book of Proverbs in a series called Life Hacks. What are small things that can make a big difference in your life?

Posted on: 05/10/2014

Exodus - Week 7

In the midst of the Promised Land, what does God ask of us?

Posted on: 05/10/2014

Exodus - Week 6

The Golden Calf.

Perhaps more dangerous but more relevant than ever, is the sin of idolatry.

Posted on: 04/22/2014

Exodus - Week 5

The Wilderness.

Do we rely upon God for our daily provision?

Jesus is the true and better Manna

Posted on: 04/22/2014

Exodus - Week 4

The Passover

Posted on: 04/09/2014

Exodus - Week 3

What happens when our circumstances look nothing like our expectations?

Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. Gods plan of redemption looked nothing like how the Israelites had hoped.

Posted on: 03/28/2014

Exodus - Week 2

Bob Hostler teaches on the Burning Bush

Exodus chapters 3 and 4

Posted on: 03/27/2014

Exodus - Week 1

Week one of Exodus, Brandon lays a foundation for the study in the book of Exodus.

We are all part of a much bigger picture. God is not looking for a hero but a laborer.

Posted on: 03/24/2014

EXODUS - new series at Wake

Join us as we launch an 8 week series on the book of EXODUS.

Series starts 3/13/14

Posted on: 03/11/2014

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